Carrots and Sticks

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power will pay cash rebates to its customers to encourage the removal of 250 to 2,000 square feet of wasteful lawn and replace it with drought tolerant plantings, or even mulch. Be aware that if you include the parkway in your plan, that the City of LA will require a permit which costs $500!   There is a permit waiver program which requires you to plant specific plants in the parkway, not the greatest selection alas.  The cities of Corona and Long Beach  also offers financial incentives for lawn removal. Find out if your city or local water provider is offering this type of rebate because it is available in several counties in California.  Arizona, Nevada, and Texas have similar programs in place or in development.

$$$.  Water rates are going up fast and most homeowners use a lot more water in their gardens than they do inside their homes.  Take a look at to find tips on how to save water at home and in the garden.

Weekly lawn maintenance and bedding plant replacement are costly, whereas waterwise gardens require much less frequent maintenance.

Have you looked at your water bill lately?  Ouch. Our water providers are raising rates quickly to deter us from using excessive amounts of water during shortages.